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Packing School Lunch Bento Style

Kirara Character Bento Lunch

Last year I became obsessed with bento style lunch boxes and making food look exciting.  It started when I began to pack a lunch for my husband to take to work.  I joined a bento group on Facebook for other mommies who want to prepare a healthy lunch for their kids and keep waste down.  I learned creative ways to pack food and use tools like food picks to add color. I even tried my hand at a few charabens or character bento lunches.  Here is an example of the very first character bento I ever did.  It was for my husband.  He loves an anime called Inuyasha, so I did one of the characters from that for him.

I have been waiting an entire year to be able to use all of the tips and tricks I learned from the bento group to pack school lunches for my daughter. I pack a lunch for my daughter to bring to school every day.  I have all kinds of creative ideas of food to send with her and ways to present and prepare it.  My only obstacle is getting her to eat what I pack for her. (I’ll talk more about that in another post.)

At her preschool there are restrictions on what she can and can’t bring to school for lunch. I always try to make sure her lunch is healthy and something she will actually eat. I would hate for her to be hungry because she didn’t eat her lunch.  Each day I pack her lunch in a Gerber Graduates Mealtime Organizer.  I picked it up at a great price from Walmart.  I love it because it fits perfectly inside of her insulated Tinkerbell lunch box.

Most days she’ll have juice, a sandwich, fruit snacks, and some kind of cracker or pretzel. Right now she won’t eat any whole fresh fruit or vegetables so she gets them in other forms at different meals. I’m working on expanding her diet of things she’ll eat at school.

What do you send with your kids for school lunches?

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