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Food Texture Aversions and Sensory Processing Disorder

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Last Friday I talked about how I pack a lunch for my daughter for school every day. I also briefly mentioned that she has some issues when it comes to getting her to eat different foods.  When she was a baby and just learning to eat solid foods she didn’t take to any food with chunks in it.  So stage 3 foods with things like noodles or bits of carrot or turkey were out of the question.  We tried over and over again to introduce her to these types of food but never had any success.

She’s four years old now and still has issues with food concerning texture.  I’ve noticed that she won’t eat food that is wet and chunky.  It has to be a smooth consistency for her to even consider trying it.  And not just smooth, but super smooth.  I tried making her a strawberry shake with frozen strawberries and the strawberry seeds freaked her out.  I ended up purchasing a Blendtec blender to really make the smoothest things possible.  It’s a wonderful machine and I can’t say enough good things about it.  Anyway, because of her strong aversion to certain textures it makes feeding her a healthy, balanced diet a challenge.

I would love to be able to just set a bowl of fresh fruit or veggies in front of her and have her eat them.  My toddler will gobble it all down and my four year old will look at you like you are crazy.   I’m fairly certain she has a sensory processing disorder.  I’ve read article after article about children that have the same “picky eater” label on them and have been looking for a way to help her overcome these issues. Sensory-processing-disorder.com offers up some suggestions of what to do with your child that has issues with eating.

What are some of the challenges you face with getting your child to have healthy and balanced diet?  Do you have any ideas to help children overcome these issues with food?

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  1. Desi says:

    This one is kind of obvious but avoiding putting strawberry seeds in anything you’re feeding your kid(the kid that is freaked out by strawberries) is a good idea. Poppy seeds might be an issue too. Brownies with nuts scattered through out them might be a problem. It might help if you let the kid smell the food you want them to eat first(in case certain smells make them sick).I know this child is older as I am writing this but it might help anyways. Oh and if they don’t like the smell of a certain food-there is a possibility, however slight, that just the smell of it could make them nauseous.

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