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Number Recognition Games for Preschoolers

I’ve been working with my daughter to help her improve her number recognition skills.  She can count just fine but when it comes to identifying all of the numbers that’s where she needs some help.  I wanted to make practicing fun and not feel like I was pressuring her.  So I told her that we should play a few a games.

                                                                        Colors Shapes and Numbers Flashcards

The first game we played using Mead Colors, Shapes, & Numbers Flashcards.  I took out the numbers 1-10 for us to work on together. On the front of the cards are pictures of objects and on the back of the cards are the numeral and the number word and name of the objects. I laid out the cards picture side up and then took some other cards that I made by just writing the numerals on an index card and had her match them to the pictures.  Mead Number FlashcardsObjects and number matching cards

The other game we played was counting out goldfish crackers to match a number card.  I placed the index cards that I had numbers written on in a muffin tin.  I only did numbers 1-5 to get her acquainted with the idea of how to play. I did give her the exact amount of goldfish required to complete the task.  Eventually, I’ll just give her a bowl full of them and have her figure it out, but for now I’ll stick to the exact number needed.

Muffin Tin Numbers and Goldfish Matching

I’m thinking that later in the week we can make a number book.  I’ll print out one number on each page and give her stickers or small, flat objects to glue onto each page. No matter what activity we do I always make sure to have her trace the numbers with her finger to help put it in her mind.  She does it without even thinking about it now.

What kinds of things do you do with your kids to help them with their numbers?  I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have.

3 Responses to “Number Recognition Games for Preschoolers”

  1. Colleen says:

    here ia a game I blogged about a while ago…using squinkies!
    My son LOVED playing it!

  2. Cari says:

    Thanks Colleen! I’ll check it out. I bet it’s fantastic as are all of your ideas! I love sharing with other moms and finding new and creative ways to make learning fun.

  3. Cari says:

    Thanks to Colleen’s post at http://lifesprinkledwithglitter.blogspot.com/2012/01/fun-writingcounting-practice-game.html I was able to find some great resources. I just did some digging on Google and found out that the handout she mentions in her post is From Handwriting Without Tears. I love this program. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. I used to use this program when I worked at Sylvan Learning Center. I found a great link to the number formation charts. IUt also has a bunch of other great parent extras. http://www.hwtears.com/hwt/parents/parent-extras

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