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Elf on the Shelf Arrives at Our Home

This year is the very first year a scout elf has arrived at our home. This past Friday night we heard a knock on the door and when we looked outside there was a special delivery for Allie and Kat.  It was a box with a message that read, “To: Allie & Kat (URGENT).” We opened it up and it was a letter from Santa Claus explaining that we should be expecting a very special visitor to be coming to our house soon. Inside the box was the book, The Elf on the Shelf A Christmas Tradition. We immediately read the story and Allie picked out a name to give the elf once he arrive so he could start his job right away.

Elf On The Shelf Book Cover


The next morning when the girls woke up, Allie walked into the living room and spotted an elf on our Christmas tree.  She shouted, ” Mommy!  There’s an elf on our tree!!!” The she told him his name and giggled. Meet, Rainbow Stripes, our scout elf from the North Pole.  In honor of Rainbow Stripes we had rainbow striped waffles for breakfast that day.  I’ll be writing a post to explain how we made those tomorrow.

Here are a few of the crazy antics that Rainbow Stripes has done since he’s been with us this past week.



Elf on Christmas Tree

Rainbow Stripes on the Christmas Tree

Elf in the Bath Tub

Rainbow Stripes in the bath tub with tub toys

Elf in Shape Sorter

Rainbow Stripes trying to sort himself in the shape sorter

Elf on Snacks

Rainbow Stripes on Goldfish box

Elf with Snow Covered Donuts

Rainbow Stripes brought Snow Covered Donuts

Elf spells name in Cheerios

Rainbow Stripes spells name in Cheerios

Did your family get a scout elf from the North Pole this year?  What sort of silly things have the elves done?

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  1. Apparently I’ve really missed the boat on getting an Elf on the Shelf. Everywhere I turn people are talking about it.

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