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Rainbow Striped Waffles in Honor of Rainbow Stripes the Elf

In honor of the arrival of our scout elf, Rainbow Stripes, we made rainbow striped waffles for breakfast,  I’d never made them before so it was a learning experience for me.  I made my waffle batter according to the directions on the box and the sectioned it out into six different bowls.  I added food coloring  to each bowl according to the colors of the rainbow… red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  Purple is my daughter’s favorite color and she would love it if everything was purple.

Rainbow waffle batterAfter I had my six bowls of colored waffle mix I spooned the mixtures into my waffle iron.  This might have been easy if they were in piping bags but I was winging it and just used the spoons. Then, I let the waffles cook like normal until there was no longer any steam escaping from the waffle iron.

If I had planned ahead I would have probably had whipped cream to make pretty clouds but I didn’t. The girls were happy to eat their rainbow striped waffles cut into sticks.   The colors were much more vibrant once I cut into them.  Silly me, forgot to snap a picture of the inside of the waffles.

Rainbow Striped Waffles

I found a nice tutorial on how to make these afterwards and thought I would share them with you.  This person had a round waffle iron and cut the waffles in half to look like a real rainbow.  These are really cute and I’d love to try to make these next time. Of course that would require me getting another waffle iron.

Rainbow Waffles

Image credit: gimmesomeoven

I’d love to see any rainbow waffles you’ve made or learn any tips and tricks you might have to make these fun little guys. Also, how did you celebrate the debut of your scout elf in your family?

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