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Christmas Cake Balls and Cake Pops

I love to bake and create tasty treats.  Not only do I love to make these delicious goodies but I also enjoy making them look super cute.  I haven’t made any treats yet this year, but I can’t wait to make some of my Christmas cake balls.

Last year I made about eighteen dozen cake balls.    It was only my second attempt ever at making them and I just kept going. Well, in all honesty, I made a batch for my husband to take to work for Thanksgiving and they loved them soo much that they asked for more for Christmas.  One of the guys even ordered a few dozen for his family.

So, not only did I make some for his co-workers family, I made some for his Christmas work party, and then even more for our own family gathering. I didn’t make them all at one setting.  I did them in three separate batches. I had a variety of flavors and coatings.  I even changed them up a bit and made cupcake cake balls too!  These are just a sampling of some of the work I’ve done. I didn’t make the cake pops for Christmas.  I thought they reminded me of winter and snowflakes and would also fit in nicely for Christmas treats.


Devil’s food cake with cream cheese icing and white and dark chocolate coating

Christmas cake balls

Red Velvet cupcake truffles for Christmas Party

White Christmas cupcake truffles with trees and sprinkles

Mini cupcake cake balls

mini cupcake truffles

Red Velvet cupcake truffles for Christmas Party

Christmas cupcake truffles cake balls

Triple Vanilla Cake Pop

individual triple vanilla cake pop
Triple Vanilla Cake Pops with Sprinkle Embellished Scroll Work

Sprinkle Embellished Scrolls Cake Pops
Making these are soo much fun.  Yes, they do take a lot of patience, but they are worth every minute.  What fun tasty treats are you planning to make this year?  Have you tried making cake balls, cupcake balls, or cake pops? I’d love to hear your experiences and even trial and error.


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