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More Elf on The Shelf Shenanigans

Our Elf on the shelf, Rainbow Stripes, has been doing all kinds of wacky and silly these during his time at our home.  Each morning we wake up to find him in some new spot doing something different.  The first thing my daughter does when she wakes up is run around the house in search of the elf.  I love to hear her laughter when she discovers what mischief he has been up to.


Day 7: Rainbow Stripes was having a concert. He was playing the xylophone.

Day 7- Rainbow Stripes the Elf plays the Xylophone

Day 8: Rainbow Stripes took this bike out for a night on the town and forgot to park it before the girls woke up.

Day 8 - Rainbow Stripes rides a bike

Day 9: Rainbow Stripes missed ice fishing so he went Gold fish fishing.

Day 9 - Rainbow Stripes goes fishing

Day 10: Rainbow Stripes tried to be helpful and pack Allie’s lunch for school. The funny thing is she said she would eat all of this except maybe the baby food.

Day 10 - Rainbow Stripes packs Allie's lunch

Day 11: Rainbow Stripes built himself a throne and mini palace out of Allie’s Mega Blocks.

Day 11 - Rainbow Stripes built a throne

Day 12: Allie woke to find Rainbow Stripes hard at work on the laptop.

Day 12 - Rainbow Stripes working on the laptop

Day 13: Rainbow Stripes brought some snowflakes back from the north pole along with The Snowman movie.

Day 13 - Rainbow Stripes brought snowflakes and The Snowman movie

Day 14: Rainbow Stripes went for a swing in Kat’s old baby swing.

Day 14 - Rainbow Stripes goes for a swing

Day 15: Rainbow Stripes got stuck trying to clean up a mess when he couldn’t get out off of the paper towel holder.

Day 15 - Rainbow Stripes got stuck on the paper towel holder

Day 16: Rainbow Stripes flew in really high and landed on the ceiling fan and couldn’t get down, until Allie turned on the light switch and he went falling/flying.

Day 16 - Rainbow Stripes flew in and landed on the ceiling fan

Day 17: Rainbow Stripes want a snack. He helped himself to the pretzels.

Day 17 - Rainbow Stripes helped himself to some pretzels

Day 18: Rainbow Stripes just hanging around on the armoire.

Day 18 - Rainbow Stripes hanging around on the armoire

Day 19: Rainbow Stripes was up playing the Wii. It looks like he played quite a few games.

Day 19 - Rainbow Stripes played the Wii

Day 20: Rainbow Stripes used Kat’s stocking as a sleeping bag.

Day 20 - Rainbow Stripes uses a stocking as a sleeping bag

The kids have really enjoyed having Rainbow Stripes visit our home this year.  They can’t wait to see what he will do next.  What shenanigans has your Elf on the Shelf been up to this year?

6 Responses to “More Elf on The Shelf Shenanigans”

  1. Jillian says:

    I love these pictures … you elf is pretty busy!!! I plan on doing this next year. One of my friends who just got her elf have been having a great time with it.
    However her daughter recently slammed her finger in the cardoor and was in alot of pain. But her elf also hurt her finger and has a wrap on the same hand. It is so sweet to see how much her daughter became attached to her elf. They are best friends.

    • Cari says:

      That’s really sweet that her elf is having sympathy pains and bandages. My daughter loves getting up first thing in the morning to discover where our elf is hiding.

  2. Hi there,
    Just stopping over from the blog hop! love these pic’s! I’m your newest follower on Linky! If you have a moment to follow back that would be wonderful. You can find me at http://lifeinthesimpleln.com

  3. Camille says:

    I didn’t understand the concept of Elf on a Shelf but now I get it! What a cute idea, I’ll have to do it next year.

  4. Kelly says:

    This is so precious! It looks like Rainbow Strips has been quite busy! lol! :-)

    Thank you for joining this week’s Harvest of Friends Weekend Blog Hop.

    Merry Christmas!

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