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The Flu Strikes Our House

So this week we were hit by the flu in our family. My oldest daughter was hit first. She started throwing up and was just plain miserable for a few days. She ended up missing a day of school. My youngest daughter didn’t get hit luckily. She seemed to be fine the entire time, thank God.

My husband was next on the hit list of the evil flu monster. He had all of the yucky symptoms. I tried feeding them all soup to get some nourishment into them. As a side result of being sick my husband stopped drinking Mountain Dew. He usually drinks quite a bit of this soda every day, at least 6 cans worth. Well when he was sick I got him some different beverages with electrolytes. After not drinking Mountain Dew for a few days I asked him if he was giving it up. He said he might as well since he has already been “sober” for a few days from it.

He decided he wants to give it up, the caffeine, phosphoric acid, and high fructose corn syrup that is loaded in soda. I’m excited to help him make better choices for beverages. I’m rooting for water personally, as it is my beverage of choice. I can’t wait to see how no soda can help him.

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