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No More Soda Beverage Alternatives

Mio Water Enhancer

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I mentioned that my husband is giving up drinking Mountain Dew earlier this week. I called my mom to help brainstorm ideas as alternatives for him to drink instead of the soda. We came up with fruit juice but he said he can’t drink a lot of fruit juice every day. I told him I’d be happy to make him fruit smoothies to have at home and or take to work.

I thought maybe some of the V8 Fusion drinks could be easy for him and have fruits and vegetables in them as well. That is surely much more nutritious than a can of soda.

I went to the store in search of alternatives and ended up getting a few  cases of water along with some Mio water enhancers. They are little bottles of concentrate that you squeeze into the water to flavor to your liking. They are zero calories and do not contain any high fructose corn syrup. I got a few different flavors for him to try.

When I came home with a trunk full of groceries to unload and four cases of water I asked for him to help me bring it all in the house. He asked if I wanted any water and I said yes Then I set out the bottles of Mio water enhancers and explained what they were. He then said, “Oh, so the water is for me?” This man doesn’t drink water at all. It was kind of funny watching him realize this. He laughed along with me and tried them out. So far he likes every flavor he’s had.

I’m excited to see what will come of this endeavor for my husband to give up drinking soda. I hope he feels better and has more energy and that this is a change for the good.

Do you have any suggestions for alternatives to soda?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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