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DIY Toy Organizer on a Budget

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My daughters’ toys were need in of some major organization. I have been looking at getting one of those fancy toy organizers for awhile. However, the toys were a mess and I really didn’t want to wait for one of these to go on sale. I didn’t really want to spend almost $60 for a toy organizer.

So, instead of spending a bunch of money I used what I had. I had all of the wire sections from an organizer I got back in college. Unfortunately, I lost all of the little plastic connectors when I moved. I never through the wire sections away because I thought I would just buy new connectors some day. I looked up the price of the connectors and it would be almost $30 to get enough to put them together. Call me cheap if you want to but at that price I could get an entire new wire organizer set so I didn’t get them.

So what did I put it all together with you ask – zip ties! My husband and sister both recommended that I use zip ties. Well that got me thinking so I did a little looking on YouTube and found that other people have used zip ties. One lady even mentioned getting her zip ties from the dollar store.  As soon as I heard that I was sold! I ran down to my local Dollar Tree and picked up a pack of 100 zip ties. They were rainbow-colored so I thought they would look great in a little kids room. While I was there I also picked up twelve plastic storage bins to help sort the toys into.

So the whole thing only cost me $13!!! ( Remember I already had the wire sections on hand.)

DIY Toy Organizer

It didn’t take that long to put together. It took longer sorting the toys into the bins and cleaning their room actually. When I was finished I brought my daughters into their room and revealed their new toy organizer and showed them how everything now had a place.  I explained to them that they can take out one bin at a time but they need to put it back when they are done before they can take out a new one. I asked Allie what her favorite thing about the new organizer was. She said she was excited that all of her play food was in it’s own bin and all of the dishes were in another. She wouldn’t’ have to dig through a huge box of everything anymore.

Overall, I’m very please with the project and you can’t beat $13! What are some inexpensive ways you’ve found to organize items in your home?

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