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Summer Fun On A Frugal Budget

summer vacation fun on a budget

My daughter will be out of school for the summer soon. She will be home seven days a week and will be looking to me to provide her with the entertainment and fun that she gets during the school year while she is at school. I’m planning fun for us on a budget. This summer we are going to have as much fun as we can have for free or relatively cheap. I’ve already have a bunch of idea for things we can do. Of course there are the standard playing in your yard, visiting a local playground, or body of water like a beach or lake, but I wanted to add items to the list that you might not know about.

Check out your local library. Our library offers summer reading programs. Each week we visit the library and show the librarian our reading log. The reading log is filled with any book either read to or by your child. The kids are given a reward each week. SOme weeks they get gift certificates for free pizza or tacos, and others might be a pass to a skate park. Last year my girls had a blast. And, there is no age requirement, even toddlers and infants can get the rewards.

Our library also has fun story times. Each Thursday there is a stories for families time. The librarian reads stories to us based on a daily theme. We also do finger play, dancing and movement activities. The hour is finished off with a fun arts and crafts project based on the theme. Best of all it’s free!

Another great free resource for fun is bowling. Did you know kids can get two free games of bowling every day during the summer. Check out  Kids Bowl Free to register your child and find a participating location near you.

Many movie theaters around the country offer free or reduced movies for kids during the summer. Cinemark has a movie club. You can buy a punch card good for 10 movies for only $5 or you can view individual films for $1. All of the films are rated G or PG. Regal Cinemas also has a summer movies for $1 with a  portion of the proceeds going to the Will Rogers Institute.

These are just a few of the money saving tips that I wanted to share with you all. What are some of the fun free or cheap things you are doing with your family this summer?

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