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Christian Parenting Handbook Review and FREE $400+ Bonus Package

heart approach Christian Parenting Handbook

The Christian Parenting Handbook is an easy to read handbook filled with 50 short and concise chapters of wisdom to help you raise your children and build their character to know and love God. It’s truly a life-changing book. This is the kind of book that you will be reaching for time and again. The authors, Dr.Scott Turansky, and Joanne Miller Rn, & BSN, really help you understand the “heart” of the matter and move away from a behavior modification type of parenting to more of a character and heart development coach. 

One of my favorite quotes: “Mom now found herself acting more like a coach than like a police officer with her daughter.”  How much better would it be to encourage your children rather than go around policing their every move. Children will feel loved and will not be as worried about mom and dad catching them doing something wrong because they will have developed character attributes to help them do the right thing. I can’t wait to put these strategies into action and see my family grow into a God-loving, well oiled machine in which everyone has a part.

nagging and yelling Christian Parenting Handbook

This is not only a book to get for yourself, but also a book worth sharing with every parent. It would make a fabulous Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. If you purchase this amazing handbook during May 10-11 you are eligible to receive the $400+ Bonus Package.

Send them your receipt or proof of purchase/order to them and they’ll get the $400 bonus package to you. Please tell them your email address or the email address of the person you wish the special bonus package to go to.

Scan and send to gift@biblicalparenting.org

Send it to NCBP, 76 Hopatcong Drive, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.

Fax it to them at: 609-771-8003.


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Print this out and take it with you to your local store.


The Christian Parenting Handbook

Bookstore Special
May 10-11, 2013
NOTE to Christian Bookstores: If you don’t carry this book, from Thomas Nelson or other books by Turansky/Miller, please order from your distributor or contact the National Center for Biblical Parenting directly and ask for our bookstore special. Reach them at parent@biblicalparenting.org or 609-771-8002.
We want to show our support for the local Christian Bookstores around the world who provide a very important personal touch for their customers. 


Get the $400.00 Bonus Package with every purchase at a local Christian Bookstore this Friday or Saturday. This deal is only good for May 10-11, 2013. Go to your local store and do any of the following:
  1. Purchase a copy of The Christian Parenting Handbook if they are in stock. Save your receipt.
  2. Ask them to carry the book and consider carrying additional titles by Turansky/Miller and the National Center for Biblical Parenting. They can contact us at parent@biblicalparening.org or 609-771-8002.
  3. If the book is not in stock, ask them if they will order it for you. Get a confirmation that the book was ordered.
If there is no Christian Bookstore near you, you can also purchase the paperback from the Hearts and Minds Web Store during the same time period. This is an independent Christian bookstore that has an online store as well.


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