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A New Family Tradition For Summer Vacation

Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation in our home. The last day of preschool was Tuesday and school will not resume until after Labor Day; that’s almost four months of summer! Well, as I’ve been busy planning all of the fun activities and fun for us to do all summer long I wanted a fun way to kick things off.

A new family tradition was born out of all of my planning. The first day of summer vacation in our house will always be Pajama Day! The girls and I romped around the house in our jammies all day long. We walked the dog in our jammies, ate breakfast and lunch, and even played a few games in our jammies.

Of course we would have to have breakfast for dinner on a day like Pajama Day. I wanted something extra special and fun, and not your ordinary breakfast for dinner scrambled eggs and toast. I made us all a tasty treat of red velvet pancakes with a cream cheese glaze topped with strawberries  whipped cream, and because it just happened to be chocolate chip day too, a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips! They were divine!

 Red Velvet Pancake Mix

We will definitely have a repeat of this meal next year because it was soo much fun to make and eat. Kat kept calling her pancakes cake and asked for, more cake, more cake, after she devoured her plate full of yummy goodness. I should have snapped a few pictures because they were soo pretty.

What are some of the family traditions you celebrate with your family? I’d love to get new ideas of things I can start with my children while they are still young.

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  1. Julie says:

    I have never heard of this pancake before but will sure be on the lookout for it now. Our family tradition is nature walks. We all love them.

    Thanks for commenting on my site. I am now following you by linky. Have a great day.

    I Create Purty Thangs

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