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Menu Plan Monday – Feb. 11/13

This week I’m working on using up as much as I can from my pantry and spending very little at the grocery store. I’ll have to get fresh produce for lunches and such and of course more almond milk but I have most of the rest of the items. Speaking of almond milk… I wish they sold it in gallons
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Menu Plan Monday – Jan 21/13

  Okay, okay, I know I did not post a menu for last week. I did write it out though. Unfortunately we were hit my the flu last week so most of the menu went out the door and was replaced by soup and sandwiches. I made a plan for this week and did all of my shopping and am
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An Approach to Ethical Shopping

What do you do when you are at a store and the cashier rings up the item and the price is wrong? Not just wrong, but extremely wrong, and in your favor. Do you speak up and tell the cashier that there is a mistake and that the total should be more? Or, do you let it go and think
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Debt Free Christmas with Swagbucks

Last year, I stopped working and became a stay at home mom.  Being a one income family was new to us so I made a goal to fund our entire Christmas with Swag Bucks.  I succeeded and got both of our girls some very nice gifts.  Well, I’m doing it again this year and have been gathering gifts for my
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