Introduction to Coupons or Coupons 101

Coupons, coupons, coupons!!!  First off… ANYONE can be doing this and EVERYONE should be doing this!! But let me warn you it can become addicting in trying to get your saving skills better and better. Also, don’t judge yourself on anyone else’s savings… if you think it’s a great deal then at that point it is a great deal! You can only
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DIY Toy Organizer

DIY Toy Organizer on a Budget

My daughters’ toys were need in of some major organization. I have been looking at getting one of those fancy toy organizers for awhile. However, the toys were a mess and I really didn’t want to wait for one of these to go on sale. I didn’t really want to spend almost $60 for a toy organizer. So, instead of spending a
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hot pink breakfast smoothie combo

Budget Friendly Smoothies Great For Picky Eaters

Smoothies are a tasty and healthy treat, depending on what you put in them. I love smoothies because I can pack them with tons of nutrients and drink it up like a treat. If you run down to your local smoothie shop you will probably be paying about $5 or more for 1 smoothie.  That can add up if you
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Menu Plan Monday Winter Banner

Menu Plan Monday – Feb. 11/13

This week I’m working on using up as much as I can from my pantry and spending very little at the grocery store. I’ll have to get fresh produce for lunches and such and of course more almond milk but I have most of the rest of the items. Speaking of almond milk… I wish they sold it in gallons
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menu plan monday Blue Pin Board Banner

Menu Plan Monday – Feb 4/13

Whoops, I forgot to publish this yesterday so here is my menu for the week even though it’s a day late. I’m really enjoying my menu planning. I’m noticing that I’m venturing out and trying new recipes and we haven’t been stuck in a rut eating the same thing week after week. Monday: Chicken Satay, Peanut Sauce with Couscous and Broccoli –
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