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Inside Out Pizza Triangles Recipe

So the other night we were hungry and I hadn’t decided what to make for dinner. I hadn’t made my menu plan for the week yet, but I did after making dinner that night.  My daughter wanted me to make pizza so I went to the cupboard to see if I had enough yeast. I didn’t buy the jar last time and got the
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Not Your Average Brick Meatloaf Recipe

Growing up I did not like meatloaf one bit.  I always thought of it as a big, giant, meat brick that had no flavor at all. Well, I no longer think of that disgusting brick anymore when I hear the word meatloaf.  My sister adapted our step mom’s recipe for meatloaf and its is delicious.  Our step mom’s recipe is
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Buffalo Chicken Pasta Feature

Buffalo Chicken Pasta Recipe

Tonight I made my yummy buffalo chicken pasta that I told you about in my menu plan post yesterday. I thought I had the recipe memorized and just threw everything in the pot.  My regular recipe calls for small shells but I didn’t have any on hand so I used elbow macaroni instead.  It also calls for 2 cans of
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